The Utility of BFIC

Any Digital Currency must have enough utility to generate demand and use to support an entire digital financial sector. To ensure its global acceptability and usage, BFIC is supported by an ever-expanding utility-based eco-system. BFIC is a decentralized Financial Coin based on third-generation blockchain technology. It is Universal and Smart.

It is called universal because it is designed to enable all worldwide transactions, independent of currency, regulation, or language. BFIC is made to last. Smart because, unlike a traditional accounting book, the BFIC Protocol is at the heart of the exchanges and incorporates a computerized trading code as well as the administration of a wide range of payment arrangements.

A coin high in price with no utility is useless. BFIC has relatively high utility because it can be used in multiple platforms to purchase products and services. Innovation Factory, the company behind the development of BFIC, has designed an eco-system containing multiple useful projects that enhances that utility of BFIC.

XchangeOn – Crypto Exchange Platform

BFIC is tradable on XchangeOn. The BFIC-powered exchange enables regular people to purchase and sell cryptocurrency like a professional exchanger. Every transaction will be charged an exchange fee in BFIC Coins. The coin will be launched first on XchangeOn and there will be an Initial Exchange Offering held at the same platform.

BFIC Network

The BFIC Network is an evolving network that enables real-time crypto stake-mining. The BFIC Network app features an easy-to-use layout, making it a delight for everyone. Even a non-technical person with no prior understanding of Blockchain technology may easily sign up and begin mining BFIC. All you need is the willingness to make money.

The platform will allow stake-mining through BFIC. Users will be able to earn referral bonuses as well as team bonuses. This will strengthen the community, circulation and elevate the price of BFIC.

BFIC Store

BFIC Store is the World’s First Crypto Commerce Platform, allowing you to make purchases from a wide selection of worldwide brands using your BFIC. More than 150 international brands will be available to on the crypto commerce platform in the initial phase, and the number will only grow. This project will act as a pivotal utility platform for BFIC.

Other Utility Projects in Pipeline:

BFIC is meant to become the first crypto currency to attain the status of a global financial medium. To make this happen, the parent company has already planned numerous other utility-based projects for BFIC that will be developed and launch in the future. These include NFT Gaming, Crypto Trade Insurance, a Decentralized Exchange, Smart Contracts and a Crypto Currency Digital Bond.