The Future of BFIC

The Future of BFIC Banner
BFIC has gained worldwide recognition, even before its launch, since it was announced at the beginning of 2021. It has created a loyal community that believes in the power of BFIC to change the financial economics of the world by creating a sustainable and powerful eco-system. Innovation Factory announced the project of BFIC token in the first quarter of 2021 and since then it has been one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency. Multiple supporting projects are lined up by Innovation Factory and will be launched soon that will enhance the utility of BFIC further.

With its triple-layered architecture and third-generation blockchain, BFIC is fully equipped and entitled to reach the top of the crypto pyramid soon. The triple-layered architecture ensures low transaction costs, highly efficient speed with ultimate immunity, and low data storage costs for decentralized projects.

Increased Utility with Future Projects

  • Innovation Factory is working on multiple projects that will further increase BFIC utility. Some of the projects are on verge of launching while others are still in the making and will be launched in the future. All projects are a component of a larger ecosystem. The ecosystem is made up of several utility-based initiatives for BFIC cryptocurrency. This significantly increases the value and utility of BFIC, making it a valuable currency.
  • BFIC will soon be traded and exchanged on XchangeOn. A powerful and Innovative Crypto Exchange that will act as the trading pillar for Innovation Factory.
  • The BFIC Network is designed to be an evolving network that allows for real-time crypto mining via staking on smartphone devices. You will be able to mine BFIC coins through the BFIC Network that will be used in all other projects by Innovation Factory.
  • 1st Investment is yet another innovative project to increase the utility of BFIC. It is the world’s first Custom Investment Project that will enable you to create your custom investment plan. There will be no liability and you will be able to take full advantage of your commission.

Road map

BFIC has a roadmap explaining the future plans and milestones. BFIC is right on track and has achieved the goals set for 2021. The brainstorming of all projects is almost complete and the launch will be announced gradually. Innovation Factory is very optimistic about the future of BFIC and is looking forward to new project launches in the last quarter of 2021 as well as in 2022.

  • After successful completion of Initial planning of BFIC, BFIC Network, XchangeOn, and 1st Investment, Innovation Factory is working tirelessly on the Trump Card and Virtual meet that is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2022. For the remaining quarters of 2022, BFIC Store, Crypto Cash, Insured Trading, BlockHub, Time2Travel, XchnageON DEX, Snake & Ladder, and IdolBlock is scheduled.

The above-mentioned project timetable is already in action. To ensure that the BFIC currency continues to flourish, Innovation Factory is currently working on several other useful apps.

Exchange Listings

The immense popularity of BFIC before its launch has been greatly beneficial and something that Innovation Factory already anticipated. BFIC will be registered on the world’s renounced crypto exchanges such as LATOKEN, PancakeSwap, XchangeOn, DIGFNEX, and United Exchange just to name a few.

BFIC is also associated and partners with META MASK, Trust Wallet, Idol Blocks, ESIL, Saturn Network, Bit Flix, and Token Pocket. Innovation Factory is fixated on listing BFIC on the New York Exchange by 2026. This is a significant step forward for BFIC.